Medically Supervised Keto Weight Loss Program and Premium Supplements

Or ask your doctor how Keto5 can help you

Why Medically Supervised?

Only 1 in 10 keto dieters sustain meaningful weight loss. 80% of those who succeed are in medically supervised programs.

Reduce Harmful Inflammation

Excess fat causes chronic inflammation in the body, the root of many diseases. Keto5 can help reduce it by up to 80%.

Key Benefits

Nutritional Forgiveness

Nutritional Forgiveness

Enjoy a modest quantity of carbohydrates while still maintaining your target ketosis.
Enhanced Immunity

Enhanced Immunity

Naturally activate an improved immune function with Keto5’s heightened ketosis levels.
Mental Acuity

Mental Acuity

Keto5 patients consistently report feeling mentally sharper with greater energy.
Personalized Program

Personalized Program

Work one-on-one with your care team to design a targeted Keto5 program for your needs.
Medically Supervised

Medically Supervised

Ensure your safest and most effective ketosis with physician guidance.
Premium Formulation

Premium Formulation

Keto5 supplements are sourced from only the purest ingredients and produced in ISO-compliant labs.

Or ask your doctor about how Keto 5 can help you

To feel this physically, mentally, and emotionally energized is empowering.
And I’ve already lost 30 lbs.

Janice L

What Medical Experts Are Saying

Ashraf E. MD

Pulmonary Medicine, Cedars-Sinai

Putting my asthmatic patients on Keto5 products has optimized their ketosis levels and significantly improved breathing.

Teresa M. MD

Internal Medicine, UCLA

I have given XO Genius to my patients to help them manage weight issues and modify their diets, and have seen long-lasting results.

Mitch S. MD

Gastroenterology, Cedars-Sinai

Using Keto5 products has helped patients lose weight to such a degree that their liver function tests improve.