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XOImmune XOImmune XOImmune XOImmune XOImmune


At high levels of ketosis, immune function and inflammation reduction significantly improve. XOImmune is formulated at extra strength to achieve this superior result — supporting improved overall health in addition to your weight loss goals.

Stronger Potency

While ketosis is well known for its weight loss benefits, this metabolic process can also begin to impact certain disease states at substantially high levels. That’s why XO Immune is formulated at 4x strength of XO Genius, to help provide this extra support for those patients in need.

Increased Health Benefits

Chronic inflammation, caused by excess weight, is the root of many diseases — including those affecting the lungs, heart, gastrointestinal tract, and nervous systems. XOImmune is designed to work as a therapeutic adjuvant to your Keto5 weight loss program, reducing the inflammatory signaling that causes damage throughout the body.


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XO Genius alone is so effective — but adding XO 8 is like a turbo booster for my ketosis and weight loss.

Veronica, 38

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