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A Doctor's Journey

Since first establishing his medical practice in the AIDS-ravaged city of San Francisco in 1985, Dr. Michael Wool has stayed on the cutting edge of research and technology.
His early efforts in the field of HIV studies, particularly in achieving a deeper understanding of the disease virology, achieved watershed breakthroughs — leading to dozens of clinical trials, as well as a National Science Foundation Award. Yet even with these successes, Dr. Wool’s heart always remained in supporting affected populations.

Discovering the Power of Ketones

In 2015, Dr. Wool and his cofounder Stanley Ho embarked upon a journey of developing natural exogenous ketone supplements to suppress the appetites of individuals seeking to lose weight. Notably, a number of these patients also suffered from metabolic syndrome, as well as a variety of inflammatory-based arthritic and bowel disorders.

Early clinical trials revealed that with this unique ketone formula, people were able to safely and effectively lose an average of 10 pounds over 30 days. Yet even more remarkably, patients could also rapidly achieve upwards of 80% reduced inflammation— directly resulting in improved clinical symptoms of their secondary diseases. The link between effective ketosis and lasting health was crystalized for Dr. Wool and Mr. Ho.

Following their further observation of significantly higher success rates in patients who followed a medically-guided ketosis program, the partners founded Keto5 with the goal of producing the very best ketone supplements, and building the most qualified and caring network of healthcare professionals to support every patient’s unique ketosis journey.

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