Extra Fuel for The Brain

XOGenius is a premium ketogenic supplement that generates up to 6 hours of enhanced ketosis in just minutes vs. hours or days.

This delicious, mix-and-go powder quickly dissolves in water or other keto beverages, and safely produces up to 500% higher ketone levels than diet alone — in just one dose. This means healthier fuel for you to burn, without any additional food calories.

Nutritional Forgiveness

Our exclusive Nutritional ForgivenessTM  allows keto-adapted patients to enjoy a modest amount of carbohydrates while still maintaining their best target ketosis. Keto5 is the only ketogenic program able to provide this flexibility, due to the superior performance and premium formulations of our supplements.

Unmatched Results

XOGenius is so effective, most patients achieve not only an average of 10 lbs. of weight loss in just the first 30 days, but report feeling mentally sharper and more energized. And best yet, clinical trials have shown up to 80% reduced inflammation — leading to a longer, healthier, more active and enjoyable life.


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Nutritional Information

XO Genius makes it possible for me to maintain my ketosis when I'm on the go, and can't always grab a keto meal.

Irene, 41

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