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Losing 65 lbs.

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Improved parkinson's symptoms

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Debra L

62 New Mexico

People say supplements are iffy, placebo, so when I ran out… I stopped taking the XOgenius drink for three days. Not only did I feel bloated, tired,... my focus and performance was slowed down. XOgenius… it’s my elixir and staple. I put XOgenius in everything I drink.. The keto diet and XOgenius should be called ALIVE in keto, no word with DIEt in it… And by the way, I lost 30 lbs.”

Larry H

70 Los Angeles CA

I have been on the Keto5 XOgenius trial for over a year and have experienced a number of benefits. It supports the immune system. I have not had a cold or flu since I started taking Keto5. Improved sleep. Increased energy and a reduction of my Parkinson's Symptoms. . The Keto5 diet in conjunction with the Keto5 supplement calmed down my nervous system. I noticed the first week that my sitting leg shaking had gone and the tremor in my hands had subsided to the point where it wasn’t noticeable anymore. Movement in general is much improved.

Janice B

55, Santa Monica, CA

To me, the keto style comes down to a very basic understanding of the benefits of what I consume in my body and what is and isn’t healthy and staying within those parameters, which does result in weight loss and an overall healthier feeling with more energy. While beginning this keto lifestyle was fairly easy, initially I did have many questions, and still do, so having a doctor to explain and advise, as well as track my weight and BMI, has been the most beneficial way to go about making this dietary and lifestyle change.
My doctor offered a thoroughly explanation as to what the keto diet is, what type of foods are considered keto, and how to initially get started and subsequently maintain a keto lifestyle, what being in “ketosis” means, and how to manage expectations

Janice B, 55

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Consult a Physician

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