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Debra L

62 New Mexico

Making “the effort is worthwhile. I can share here today what I call… making my life 100% better! I was amazed after the loss of any desire to have soda, bread, the carb high pasta- of wonka sugar and downward spiral. First, your body stops wanting sugar and you feel so good that you keep doing it and then all of a sudden [you’re] lighter, brighter, skin is softer, emotions are tamed, and far more productive from focus. Less food, more energy! Within a week or two I felt spacey flu like symptoms and advised by an M.D., the Keto-flu symptoms are part of the process. It’s real and [the] way your body is adjusting enzymes and changing from sugar to ketone fuel. I believe the most meaningful benefit is how I felt the progress. To feel so empowered is to feel physically, mentally, [and] emotionally energized. [I have] the great experience of XOgenius from Keto5.com. People say supplements are iffy, placebo, so when I ran out… I stopped taking the XOgenius drink for three days. Not only did I feel bloated, tired,... my focus and performance was slowed down. XOgenius… it’s my elixir and staple. I put XOgenius in everything I drink. I even began giving it to my elderly dog who has dementia, [and] it helped him too. The keto diet and XOgenius should be called ALIVE in keto, no word with DIEt in it… And by the way, I lost 30 lbs.”

Larry H

70 Los Angeles CA

I have been on the trial for over a year and have experienced a number of benefits. [It] supports the immune system. I have not had a cold or flu since I started taking Keto5. Improved sleep. Increased energy. My benchmark is the wattage I could generate on a cross fit machine called the Assault Air Bike. It is a human powered stationary arm pump and pedal combination with a progressive resistance curve. Before Keto5, I would top out at 80-85 watts. One month after the start date, I could maintain 99 watts for half an hour. Speaking and handwriting improved. Before Keto5, I was mumbling my words, but after being on Keto5 for three weeks, my speech was improved. My handwriting was illegible before Keto5, but it improved significantly within two weeks to the point where it looked like my handwriting before Parkinson’s. Reduced tremor. The Keto5 diet in conjunction with the Keto5 supplement calmed down my nervous system. I noticed the first week that my sitting leg shaking had gone and the tremor in my hands had subsided to the point where it wasn’t noticeable anymore. Movement in general is much improved. After two week on Keto5, my ability to walk improved and when I was walking I was picking up my feet and not shuffling as much. Within two months I wasn’t shuffling at all. After two weeks I was swinging my arms. I could get up out of a chair and immediately start walking. Mental acuity improved. I am a lawyer and before Keto5, I was having trouble concentrating on my work. My cognitive ability improved as well as my desire to work. I could now think clearly and turn out contracts quickly. The Keto5 program works well with the Parkinson’s medication. Also, after thirteen months on the Keto5 diet and supplement, I have not experienced any side effects. My Parkinson’s wasn’t diagnosed until September 2013, but I had the symptoms for three years prior to the diagnosis. Since then, there has been no increase in the dosages of my Parkinson’s meds since I began Dr. Wool’s Keto5 program. Now I exercise 6 days a week. Three days a week: one hour to an hour and a half fast walks in the hills with my dog. Three days per week, light weights and weight machine. Three days per week, Assault Air Bike for thirty to forty five minutes at 99 to 113 watts. Finally, the Keto5 program is a fat burning machine. In twenty days I lost 16 pounds.”

Janice B

55, Santa Monica, CA

April 3rd 2018 Began my keto “lifestyle” with an office visit to my doctor where the nurse took my weight, measured for BMI and I completed standard paperwork. Next, blood work was done so ultimately a thorough check- up was performed prior to beginning my keto diet and starting on the twice daily (morning and afternoon) XO Genius ketone salt beverages. Dr. Wool offered a thoroughly explanation as to what the keto diet is, what type of foods are considered keto, and how to initially get started and subsequently maintain a keto lifestyle, what being in “ketosis” means, and how to manage expectations. Understanding the differences in fats, proteins and carbs and why the percentages matter really makes a difference in understanding my daily food intake and consuming properly. Initially I experienced the “keto flu” which is your body adapting to being in a constant state of ketosis, or when there’s low carbohydrate levels causing the blood sugar levels to drop and the body begins breaking down the fat to use as energy. Using the Ketone Test Strips (purchased at CVS), especially at the beginning, really helped measure if and when I was in ketosis. The strips have multiple colors indicating the level of ketosis you are in. Also, magnesium tables really helped when feeling fluish, which typically lasts less than a day with me. I committed to following a diet consisting of the XO Genius D-Ketone Salts mixed with an eight ounce glass of water twice a day and maintaining the 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbs rule. My goal is to stick to these percentages while staying on or below the calorie level that Dr. Wool figured out, which for me was 1000 calories or less per day while trying to lose weight. The XO Genius salts mixed with water (my choice – can be mixed with other liquids) is a pleasant pineapple flavor beverage which is taken with 1-3 pills containing time-released coconut oil. The combination of the beverage and the pills is as filling as a meal replacement. If I don’t maintain and find myself out of ketosis and then take the combination, I almost immediately feel flush and a warm fluish feeling throughout my body, which lasts for a couple minutes, followed by an increase in energy, not jittery like a caffeine boost but more of a natural release of energy. I also notice an enhancement in clarity and no brain fog. Staying within the guidelines of the fats/proteins/carbs as well as maintaining the calorie limitation definitely results in weight loss; but does require discipline. What throws me out of ketosis is indulging in wine, fruit and candy. Since beginning this, I have almost completely stopped drinking wine and instead, if I am having alcohol, stay at a maximum of two vodka/sodas. To lose weight, alcohol intake should be limited and respecting the calorie count is necessary. Even though I am on a fairly low calorie allowance (1000 calories); eating healthy and feeling full is very possible on a higher fat/protein low carb diet. There are many keto blogs available online, which offer support as well as education, recipe suggestions and advice, that I enjoy and find motivating. I believe with enough education and information, this keto diet represents a lifestyle and one that will result in being healthier than a non keto diet with many short and long term benefits. The more I read about the benefits of keto the more I realize I need to unlearn some of my eating habits and misconceptions. This lifestyle change requires discipline, open mindedness, and the willingness to learn more about what I put in my body and the consequences and results from such a diet. To me, the keto style comes down to a very basic understanding of the benefits of what I consume in my body and what is and isn’t healthy and staying within those parameters, which does result in weight loss and an overall healthier feeling with more energy. While beginning this keto lifestyle was fairly easy, initially I did have many questions, and still do, so having a doctor to explain and advise, as well as track my weight and BMI, has been the most beneficial way to go about making this dietary and lifestyle change.
My doctor offered a thoroughly explanation as to what the keto diet is, what type of foods are considered keto, and how to initially get started and subsequently maintain a keto lifestyle, what being in “ketosis” means, and how to manage expectations

Janice B, 55

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